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3rd Edition Performance Excellence Guide for NRM Organisations

Key changes that have been incorporated in this 3rd Edition include:

  • Removal of out-dated and duplicated content
  • Changes in some terminology to make it applicable to a wider range of organisations in the sector beyond regional NRM bodies.
  • A simplified layout of the assessment criteria for ease of use.
  • An increased emphasis on practices related to Community Engagement and a focus on NRM outcomes, by incorporating the content of set of ‘Interpretive Guidelines for Community Engagement’ that have previously been used as a stand-alone reference. Accordingly, Component 3 of the Guide has been changed from ‘Client and Community Focus’ to ‘Client Focus and Community Engagement’.
  • Greater emphasis on the role of ‘Partnerships’ as an important aspect of Community Engagement and achievement of NRM outcomes.
  • Incorporation of specific criteria contained within the Australian Government’s ‘Performance Expectations for Regional NRM Organisations’ that will enable reviews conducted against this edition of the Guide to accommodate performance assessments against the Australian Government’s performance criteria.
  • Incorporation of recent developments with generic globally recognised national Performance Excellence Frameworks to enable bench-marking outside the NRM sector.
  • Retention of the structure of the criteria under ‘Components’, ‘Items’ and ‘Areas to Address’ as well as ADR scoring conventions to enable this edition of the Guide to continue to be used to monitor progress in performance over time.

What does this do for you?

Your Organisation will be bench-marked against the most up to date and leading organisational management practices for the Natural Resource Management Sector in Australia.

During the last decade, the NRM Performance Excellence Guide has been used as the reference for the conduct of more than 50 external reviews of regional NRM Organisations across all states, as part of a sector-wide initiative to improve the performance and capability of NRM organisations and the sector as a whole.

External reviews have been conducted with the participation of a CEO or senior manager from another NRM body as a means of bench-marking and dissemination of outstanding practices throughout the sector.

Experience gained from the conduct of these reviews, as well as feedback from participating organisations has provided valuable input to the revision of this 3rd Edition of the NRM Performance Excellence Guide enabling new reference for the conduct of Organisational Performance Excellence (OPE) reviews for 2015.

Clear Reference Material

Performance Excellence Framework - 3rd Edition 2015

Contemporary Layout – makes this an easy to utilise Guide

The Framework Booklet_3rdEdition2015

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