Wyn Vogel

Wyn Juggles her life as a Business Analyst

with her creative alter ego – a mixed media – large format – installation artist

Outside of her professional Consultancy roles – Wyn is a colourist – my work enables you to walk into the colour and movement of the image – mixed media – digital – oils, pastel, inks and water colour – cotton rag paper, canvas or a mix!

This creative genre has played a role in her Professional life which has included the management of Programs for the development of software/multimedia environments associated with the production of Interactive Simulation Training Platforms – for Defense and Aerospace – in particular air traffic control internationally – with all the fun of standing in O’Hare Airport during a research trip and watching the Air Traffic Controllers cross hatch the planes into landing.

As a Business Analyst, specialising in the development of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) which includes the integration of the capabilities an Organisation needs to service their commitments associated with the management of the:

  • Business
  • Environmental, and
  • Occupational, health and Safety Systems

Wyn has over two decades of experience in business management and organisational development.

Wyn has held management positions in a broad range of sectors both locally in Australia and offshore, including commercial business, regional development, state and federal governments.

During the 1990’s Wyn played a key role in developing Quality Management within South-East Queensland through the Queensland State Government Quality Assessment Unit.

This experience and insight into a large scale application of management strategies and policy to a specific Sector or our Community – motivated Wyn to move back into supporting the growth of businesses through her own consultancy, taking the first Australian University – University of Queensland through to independent Certification of their Integrated Management Systems for their –

  • Property and Facilities Division
  • The Information Technology Division, and
  • The Centre for Magnetic Resonance.

Over the past decade Wyn has consulted to and facilitated major organisational certification, change and development programs for the tertiary, defense, information technology and natural resource management sectors. She has served on Australian and international committees and projects including the – International Organisation for Standardisation.

Wyn understands the needs of organisations, both large and small, and can assist organisations to think outside the square, streamline and improve their operations, people and management. By using tested development approaches and adding a fresh and creative approach, Wyn can help you look at your business from a different angle and meet the challenges for a sustainable future.

Link to – Wyn’s Full Professional Curriculum Vitae

Link to – Wyn’s Art Bio

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